A Great Place To Come Home To

This neighborhood is near shopping, restaurants, entertainment and golf courses. A walking/biking trail runs along the edge of the development, and the Weyerhauser Aquatic Center, which features high school, collegiate and international level swimming competitions and Jazzercise classes year-round, is only minutes away.

There are hundreds of thousands of homeowners associations. If you are buying a house inside of a homeowners association then you become a member of this association. The only members of owners of homes. There is no choice of joining the association because once you own a home then you are a member. If you want to be a committee member or run for the board of directors then you can. It depends on what the current board wants to do as far as committees want to do. Some association have a lot of committees and some have none. We are looking to be able to provide the CCNR's (Covenants Conditions and Restrictions) and bi laws and rules and regulations on our site. We are looking to provide access to homeowners for ACC(architectural control committee) forms. You have to submit plans to the board for approval. The people looking for this are people looking into homes in Campus Highlands. They will find information on our site about this area. These are for potential homeowners and homeowners themselves.